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Romsey Future backs improved walking and cycling proposals for the town

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Three proposals to improve some of the cycling and walking routes around Romsey have been backed by Romsey Future.

Julian Jones, from Romsey & District Society Infrastructure group, proposed the changes, which will see upgrades to the infrastructure for three established paths.

The first is to provide improvements on the route from King’s Chase and Abbotswood to town – starting from Doris Bunting Road through Woodley Close via Woodley Lane, Richmond Lane, Homefield and Old Road to Canal Walk into Town.

It would see 25 dropped kerbs and more signage introduced, while also including bus stop changes so there can be safe routes to The Romsey School and Romsey Junior Schools.

There is currently no straight walking and cycling route from King’s Chase to bus stops on Braishfield Road or to Town.

The second route is from Woodley Way to town - from Woodley Way and Short Hill via Anstey Road through Woodley Estate to Fairview Drive then along Woodley Lane, crossing Cupernham Lane into Mercer Way and continuing on to Canal Walk and into Town.

These upgrades include 28 new dropped kerbs.

The changes to the footpaths would enable pedestrians and users of pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters from the Hunter’s Crescent and Woodley estates to take a safe ‘straight line’ route towards Town.

The third route is from Halterworth Lane to Town via The Hundred - from Halterworth Lane, its junction with the A3090 and along the A3090 Winchester Road to the Plaza Roundabout for access on towards Town via The Hundred.

A crossing refuge from Halterworth Lane to Silverwood Rise has already been proposed by Hampshire County Council, with a completion date planned for February 2023. Further dropped kerbs would also be implemented under the changes.

The changes would provide safer access for the bus stops near Halterworth Lane and parents picking up children from school.

Councillor Nick Adams-King, chair of Romsey Future said:

“After considering the proposals, Romsey Future is in support of the plans and believe they would make a positive different to our town.

“All of these infrastructure upgrades would make it easier for pedestrians, mobility scooters and cyclists to get around and into the town centre. This will be of huge benefit to our residents, making Romsey a safer place to travel around on foot or by bicycle.”

Now these projects have been endorsed by Romsey Future, Test Valley Borough Council will be working with relevant partners, including Hampshire County Council, to seek funding and any other requirements needed to deliver the proposals.

Romsey Future sets out a long-term vision for Romsey. It is an active partnership of many groups and organisations working together to build consensus and deliver on shared ambitions. We work together to deliver projects, to attract funding, and to guide future policies and strategies.

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