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Romsey Future Vision Refresh

Working with its stakeholders and the wider community, the Romsey Future Partnership is currently working to refresh its vision document. A lot has happened since this document was first created back in 2015 so it’s vital we review Romsey Future’s vision and ambitions to make sure our focus is clear so that we can respond to the ever changing world in which we live. 

We remain passionate about the future of our town and together, we will continue to work to shape its future. At the heart of this refresh is a public consultation which is currently running. We want your aspirations for the town to help shape Romsey Future’s aspirations and vision for the future. 


The consultation for our Vision Refresh has now closed, thank you to everyone who provided a response. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of this consultation and our new strategy document with you soon!

Get involved

Romsey Future is always looking for more local people to get involved in driving forward the vision of the group.  We have a number of opportunities to get involved from leading a project of work, contributing to work streams or simply joining us for a one off event!

If you would like more information about how you can get involved in Romsey Future then please get in touch below:

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