Romsey Future vision document launched

Romsey Future has been driven by the enthusiasm of local people and local organisations to ensure a bright future for our town. By taking the time to share their aspirations with Romsey Future, Romsey’s residents have helped to create the Romsey Future vision document which sets out a 20 year vision for the town. In June representatives from the local community and organisations involved in the Romsey Future project came together at Crosfield Hall to celebrate the launch of the vision document. They were also joined by pupils from The Romsey School, who shared their ideas for the future of the town. The launch of the document cemented the new approach to building consensus that Romsey Future has cultivated, by bringing together public, voluntary and private sector organisations and councillors, to produce a community-led vision and set of deliverable ambitions for Romsey.


Romsey Future sets out a long term vision for Romsey. It is an active partnership of many groups and organisations working together to build consensus and deliver on shared ambitions. We work together to deliver projects, to attract funding, and to guide future policies and strategies.

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