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Romsey Future Workstreams

Natural Environment and Sustainability Workstream

Priorities include:

  • Protection for the wider environment; achieved primarily by optimal use of recycling

  • Address potential environmental risks, especially flooding

  • Ensure sensitive and proper management of our waterways, wildlife and heritage across Romsey.

  • Develop and sensitively manage open spaces for the benefit of people and the environment.

  • Promote the knowledge and means whereby Romsey residents and visitors reduce any adverse impact they have on the natural environment.

Infrastructure Workstream


Identify shortfalls in infrastructure provided in Southern Test Valley for a 2035 population of 58K to guide the next TVBC Local Plan, which will supercede the current Revised Local Plan DPD 2011 - 2029. This work stream addresses:

  • Roads, traffic, public transport, and cycling routes

  • Public Realm provision - for sports, active leisure, green space and parks

  • Education

  • Care Homes

  • Infrastructure required for Retail activity and local Industry

Living Well Workstream

  • To be the co-ordinating group for community action in the Romsey area

  • Support the delivery of cross cutting issues and link to other work streams so that there is a cohesive approach to living well

  • Undertake consultation to identify gaps in provision and ensure that local community services are developed as needed, updated and delivered to meet the future needs of the town.

  • Build upon the strong sense of community action in Romsey so that local people and local community organisations can work together to meet the future needs of the community thus reducing duplication

  • Increase wellbeing within the community to enable people to live well for as long as possible by ensuring there is good access to the right support and services in the community – health, social and community

  • Support and link to young people’s needs within the area

  • Support the delivery of leisure, sport and recreation priorities (where this links to health and wellbeing, walks, cycling and public transport)

  • Champion Community resilience - security and safety

Cycling,Walking and Public Transport Workstream

  • The current key focus of this workstream has been the  location of cycle parking within Romsey.

  • The Romsey Cycle Hub website has been developed and is up and running with a corresponding Facebook page. Cycling related information that is relevant from the workstream is fed onto these pages, along with input from those who cycle in and around Romsey. Cycle routes are being mapped onto these web pages.

  • The walking element of this workstream is also a priority. A combined walking/cycling map was reviewed and suggested improvements were put forward. This is intended go to print and will also be available on line.

  • The workstream is currently reviewing its priorities and this will be a priority during April and May 2019.

  • Key focus to create an integrated marketing programme for the various local amenities aimed at attracting greater numbers of visitors.

  • Manage the ‘Visit Romsey’ website that sits within the current ‘Visit England’ and ‘Visit Hampshire’ websites to market Romsey to people outside of the immediate area. This will include developing the ‘Historic Romsey’ brand, with historic attractions and events as the main ‘hook’.

  • Improve signage to and around the town, which will incorporate the ‘Historic Romsey’ brand.

  • Work with Romsey’s many attractions to take a joined-up approach to promotion.

  • Where possible, record information on where visitors have come from and how they heard of Romsey to inform future marketing.

  • Use appropriate planning [channels] to highlight the need for more visitor accommodation in Romsey.

Tourism Workstream

Business and Enterprise Workstream

  • Work closely with the Romsey Chamber of Commerce

  • Run joint Romsey Town Council / Romsey Chamber of Commerce / Test Valley Borough Council events

  • Romsey town Council to host  bi-monthly Retail and Business Forums in Town Hall

  • Communicate with incoming businesses to make them aware of grant support and welcome them into networks

  • Work with TVBC Officers, to harness any M3 Enterprise and Solent LEP funding available

  • Organise additional events to increase footfall in Romsey

  • Promote Romsey as a tourism and visitor destination

  • Produce event leaflets and distribute around Romsey and hinterland

  • Support TVBA (Test Valley business awards)

  • Keep abreast of schemes like Dementia friendly, Safe Places, Makaton Friendly all have the potentially to make Romsey attractive to these groups.

  • Maximise use of social media e.g. Romsey Information Facebook page, encouraging businesses to make use of Twitter & FaceBook etc.

  • Identify additional resources assist business and enterprise and help the group to market and promote Romsey as a great place to visit.

Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan Workstream

Provide a communications channel for all planning matters between:

  • Romsey Future (RF)

  • TV Local Plan (TVLP)

  • Romsey Neighbourhood Plan (RNP)

  • Romsey Town Council Planning Committee (RTC)

  • Romsey Extra Parish Council (REPC)

  • Romsey & District Society Planning Committee (RDS)

  • Collate planning suggestions from all other workstreams

Contribute to the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan processes to:

  • Develop appropriate community-supported planning policies

  • Develop a shared evidence base and approach to inform the future provision of homes and employment that reflects local needs

  • Specify desired community facilities and infrastructure

  • Shape and influence the future retail offer in the town, ensuring it supports Romsey’s sustainability as a small market town

  • Promote strategic approaches to securing the resources that support the integration of new and existing communities within Romsey as the town and its hinterland develops

  • Protect Romsey and its surrounding countryside

  • Promote and participate in public consultation and master planning events

  • Introduce public art as the built areas develop.

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