Introduction - South of Town Centre project

The Romsey Future partnership is set to launch its second phase of the consultation with residents on the creation of a masterplan for the area south of the town centre. We want to see a healthy town centre that meets the needs of current residents and their expectations for the future.  

One of the ways to achieve this is to consider how we could redevelop land south of the town centre, including the bus station and Crosfield Hall site.


Nexus Planning and Perkins + Will Architects were appointed by the partnership to undertake a major consultation exercise to listen to and work with the local community, stakeholders and residents to help in formulating a strategic vision for the town.

In autumn 2018, the partnership both held and attended a number of events to gain a wide variety of residents' views. This information is being drawn together by Nexus Planning and Perkins + Will Architects and studied before the next phase of the consultation.


This will help the partnership to understand how they can engage in the next stage of the project.



The outcome of this process will help to guide a masterplan for the area.

Feedback from the consultation, which will run from September to October 2018, will be used to help create a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which will guide potential developers.


The SPD will set out the community’s aspirations for the area for future developers. The SPD will build upon and provide more detailed guidance about policies in the Local Plan.


Watch this page for further updates and events, you can view our consultation leaflet, which includes a timeline of the project, or have your say online. For more information, please see the latest news release issued by Test Valley Borough Council, here

Additional information, in the form of FAQs, can also be found here. We shall continue to update these FAQs as the South of Town Centre project progresses.


Romsey Future sets out a long term vision for Romsey. It is an active partnership of many groups and organisations working together to build consensus and deliver on shared ambitions. We work together to deliver projects, to attract funding, and to guide future policies and strategies.

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